How to add a help article?

How to add a help article?

A help article is a piece of online instruction or explanation that’s designed to assist users with a product, service, or website. It’s like a mini self-service guide  written in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Click on "New article"

When you are inside Dashboard > Help center, click on New article to create your first article.

Click on 'New article'

Provide a title and content

Provide a title and content for your article. When you highlight a piece of text in your editor, you will find different editing options.

Such as; Bold, Italic, Underline, Font Color, Highlight, Code Line and Hyperlink. At the bottom of the page there is another tool bar which gives you additional editing options.

Provide a title and content

Heading 1

for main headings

Heading 2

for subheading such as step or a subtopic

Bullet Points

to highlight key points or outline information


to create organized lists


to quote a specific part

Code Block

to insert a code block


to add horizontal line for separation

Insert Table

to insert a table

Add Image

to insert an image

Add YouTube Video

to embed a YouTube video

Embed URL

to embed links to Loom, Vimeo, and so on

Click on "Publish"

Once you are done with writing the article, click on Publish. This makes your help article public. To see more settings related the help article, you can click on the gear shaped icon. It will allow you to edit article slug, set the right category and more.

Click on 'Publish'

Article Settings

Here you will find all settings for the article including SEO.

Article Settings

Article slug

public URL for the article


you can choose from an existing one or create a new category as you wish.


you can choose from existing or create new ones as you need.

Meta title

is the title of a web page displayed in search engine results

Meta description

provides a brief summary of the page's content


Meta title and Meta description are important for SEO. It is what your customers will see when you share the link in Social Media.

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