How does AI search work?

How does AI search work?

When a customer visits, the first action they take is to search for a keyword or a question that need assistance with.

In, there is an Ask AI button, instead of the normal search button. Once customer submits the query, AI picks it up, goes through the entire help articles.

It picks out help content that is best suited to address the query. Once it has it's pieces, AI will craft out a clear and concise answer for the customer.

Customers get instant answers with the help of AI. They can also share feedbacks on the response generated. This is how AI search works.

Along with AI answer, the normal search results will also be available at the bottom. You will be able to see all the searches under Conversations.

Here, you will see the sources that AI has used to generate the reply. There is also an option to improve the answer given by the AI.

Please Note

You can see how Improve answer works in the article about AI chat.

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