How to use the AI chat widget?

How to use the AI chat widget? chat widget has two modes. In the first mode, it opens up a mini menu showing different widget links and also has a Ask your question input box. When customer starts typing it opens into the second mode, where the real AI chat starts.

The chat widget is automatically created by You only need to go to Design > Widget and edit the theme colors and set the a chat avatar. Also to add, you will the find the option to add widget links under Design > Widget.

Please Note

In the Widget, when a user clicks on Help center, it opens up the entire helpcenter on the right, enlarged as a widget in the same window.

Get the code snippet

You can get the code snippet of your chat widget by clicking on the Share button. Add the code snippet to the your HTML website and the chat widget will be up and running in no time.

View Conversations

You can see all the AI conversation history under the Conversations tab. AI searches will also be shown here.

Here you can review the reply given by AI and see if there is a scope for improvement. If you see the answer was not apt, incomplete or incorrect, you can do two things

  1. You can edit the article source from which AI took it's information

  2. Otherwise you can add a new Custom answer for the question

Improve AI answers

Let's take an example of how you can improve the AI conversation. Here the customer has asked "How to contact team". Since there is no such article present in the articles, AI was not able to come up with a proper response.

Then you click on Improve answer button.

Then you will have an option to provide a better answer to the same question. Click on Save and the AI will learn the new information provided to improve itself.

The next time, another customer asks a similar question, the AI will give the new and improved answer.

All such custom answers you have provided will have to be shown under Content > Answers.

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