Welcome to the AI-first Help.Center!

Welcome to the AI-first Help.Center!

Hi 👋

Help.center is an AI-powered knowledge base solution. Our aim is help customers get instant answers.

It's easy to get started. Here are three simple steps for you to follow

  • Step 1- Add article content
    AI automatically learns your help articles to generate answers.

  • Step 2 - Design Help.center
    Add logos and colors to match your brand.

  • Step 3 - Share with customers
    Add the chat widget to your website or share the link of Help center website.

Let's explore some more into these.

Start by creating articles

When you are inside Dashboard > Content, click on New article to create your first article. Our editor makes writing text, adding headings, formatting text super easy. You don't need any technical knowledge to create a beautiful and informative help article.

The toolbox at the bottom allows you to add tables, code-blocks, bulleted-lists, videos and more.

Also every article has a page settings option. Here you can configure the page URL, add SEO data and change the category of the article.

When you have added the article content, you can click on Publish to make the page go live.

Please Note

Every published article is automatically ingested by the AI. Future changes to an article is also fed in the AI automatically and it will improve itself to give better answers to customers.

Design your Help.center

Inside Dashboard > Design, you can configure the looks of both your Help.center and Chat widget.

Under Help.center design settings, you can upload your brand logo in the header. Add header links in the header bar. Also choose colors to match your brand color. There is also an option to set a banner image.

Under Widget design settings, you can set the widget icon, add chat avatar, set the welcome message and more. You can add widget links which will be the first options seen by the customer.

Please Note

There is an option to disable AI chat in Widget design. This is useful during a product revamp or when you are updating a lot of help articles.

Let's share with customers

Now that you have the article content in place and have designed the help center, you can start charing with customers.

Inside the Dashboard, click on the Share button.

Here you can will get the link to yourcompany.help.center. You will also be able to see the code snippet for the chat widget. Just copy the snippet code and paste it in your HTML code of the website to add the widget.

Quick overview of other features

Here a few other things you should know about Help.center dashboard

  • Manage categories from Settings. Reorder them, change category icons and add subtitles to each category.

  • You can add custom CSS or custom JavaScript from Integration settings.

  • You can translate the text of the user-facing components from Translation settings.

  • You can see the stats for each article like the views, customer likes, and dislikes under Content.

Please Note

When customers starts asking questions via chat widget or inside the help center website, you will start seeing them under Conversations. Here you can improve each answer that the AI has provided.

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